Verified Location Made Simple

User location provides value across mobile applications, while spoofing positioning systems, such as GPS, has become common practice. Security issues arise, whether location is used for connecting people, filtering content, navigation or regulation.

ClaimR ensures the security of all location-based apps by analyzing raw measurements from GNSS satellites and detecting malicious location manipulations. Our prize-winning API makes verifying the location of your users quick and simple.

What We Do

The consequences of location manipulation within mobile services can be extensive. ClaimR was created to increase trust with a signed certificate offered by a third-party service.

Using raw GNSS data from mobile phones, we can verify locations claimed via satellite positioning, significantly reducing faked locations while enhancing the privacy of end-users with customizable accuracy. We constantly learn from our customers to deliver the most reliable, flexible and usable solution.

Use Cases

Fraud Prevention

Spoofers can manipulate the location of their mobile devices to bypass country-specific restrictions for drones, to get in-game advantages in augmented reality based games and to contact people via location-based dating apps. ClaimR provides a second opinion for your app to trust that the user location is legitimate.


Some content should be accessible based on a user's location. Ensuring that the users of a family account are based in the same household, or that competitors can’t track the vehicles of a ride hauling app with faked locations, can be eliminated with the ClaimR verification.

Privacy Enhancing

Location tracking is a threat to user privacy, ClaimR uses claims which allow for flexible verification accuracy, varying from square meters to continents. If you want to earn the trust of your loyal users, ClaimR is your choice.

ClaimR Auth

ClaimR Auth allows you to secure your online identities with our location based authentication technology. You can use it today as a multi-factor authentication solution to protect your accounts on many well known services, like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and countless others. This allows you to control from which location login attempts can be completed, giving you an additional layer of security against malicious actors.

Visit the Google Play Store and download ClaimR Auth for free.

Getting Started

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